How to Dry Hair with a Hairdryer

Why is salon styling always better than home? ELLE reveals professional secrets and tells you how to dry your hair and How To Prevent Hair Dryer Damage.

The worse you wiped your hair, the longer they will have to talk with a hairdryer, and this is not the most useful company. In addition, on slightly wet hair, the active components of the products behave better than on wet hair. So after washing, thoroughly wipe your head with a towel, and the best ones are made of microfiber: such fibers are softer than terry pieces, which means that the hair does not harm them. And never rub your head and curls with force - this is one of the common causes of hair breakage. Wait 10-15 minutes after a shower (this time is enough for breakfast, makeup or choosing a dress) and only then proceed with styling.

One of the mistakes when drying hair with a hairdryer is neglect of highly specialized means . Before picking up the hair dryer, curling irons or straightening irons, spice the strands with a heat-protective spray or lotion. Their mission - to prevent damage from high temperatures and to properly nourish moisture - is doable. Apply it to the dried hair evenly, strand by strand.

Another mistake associated with the drying process with a hairdryer is the abundance of styling products. The principle of overdose does not mean the best result, because the hair will still absorb exactly as much as they need and not a drop more. Overdo it, and you can again go to the shower - this is the only way to get rid of the oily film. Life hack to help you: if you put the product on your palms and rub it a little, this will allow you to do with less and apply more evenly.

If you have long and / or curly hair, a round or flat brush cannot unravel all the tangles and untie the knots. As a result, you pull and pull the hair, which is why they are not at all happy. A simple wooden comb or Tangle Teezer will help. While the hair is still wet and the thermo-spray is already applied, go comb from the ends, rising to the roots.

Nozzle (as a rule, a diffuser or slot-shaped concentrator) is not accidentally included in the package for every decent and, especially, professional hair dryer. It helps to direct and concentrate the air flow wherever you need, and not to blow randomly, scattering hair in all directions. The correct concentrator is long and not wide, with a narrow slot: drying does not happen quickly, but evenly. The nozzle should be a continuation of the hairdryer, so do not rotate it perpendicular. A wide round diffuser does the job much faster than a hub.